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Calling Traffic To Action: Best Ways to Convert Website Traffic into Leads

Thanks to the advent of real-time brochures for your business, that one-click to the conversion of
traffic on your website into leads is now just a few strategies away. In the age of the Great
Internet Noise in forms of spam messages and unsolicited calls, dumping the old-fashioned
“Contact Us” can go a long way.

Did somebody say traffic was bad? In the digital marketing universe, generating traffic is the
first step in gaining an actionable lead. Not all traffic generated gets converted to leads or
revenues, but the noise is inevitable and necessary. Digital marketers’ best pal- landing page(s) is
the place for maximum conversion rates. An optimized, content-driven approach to your landing
page is perhaps the most essential step in the process. Multiple landing pages leading to more
traffic and thus more lead is a popular trend in recent times.

Using the funnel model in segmenting audience and traffic on the website is important for the
business. This provides a clear picture of who wants what, how much, and when; all segmented
and categorized. Approaches for conversion will then differ according to where your audience is
placed in the funnel. Content can further be segmented according to their respective needs.
Give your potential leads what they need, provide them with content they want to stay for.
Establishing a unique selling proposition is as important in virtual market spaces as elsewhere.
There can never be one right kind of content; there is no thumb rule for what your audience likes.
A trial-and-error method garnished with new-age tools like videos and interactive content, a
couple of case studies and testimonials here, a few numbers there; what clicks best for one varies
from another. Place a lead magnet that works best for your audience and your business. Obvious
elements to avoid would be corporate jargon, incomprehensible and complex ideas, and too
much information.

Call your traffic to Action! The rawest form of communication on a website, CTAs are your lead
conversion machines. Give your audience options, and give it to them in plenty. First level
conversions in B2B is making sure that they move from the top of your traffic funnel to the
bottom. Sign-ups for newsletters or blogs, subscription to mailing lists, white papers, free trial of
your product or service are popular CTAs, and they can go as far as your creative capacities
extend. Call-To-Actions work most effectively when there is real value is provided for the
action. Assurance of no-risks also aids in cutting down customer anxiety, resulting in better
conversion rates. CTAs are the most basic and simple ways to opt-ins and sign-ups.
Exit intent pop-up, with its door in the face approach, is gaining momentum in the digital
marketing sphere. Tracking the audience’s cursor and providing a real-value based pop-up when
they want to exit your page leads to conversions, and has higher chances of sales.
Optimization of search engines with top-performing keywords according to demographics,
preferences, visiting history is the key.

Conversion of traffic to leads is only the first step in the process of marketing. Most businesses
consider themselves successful based on their revisiting rates, and further on their follow-up
processes. Effectiveness of effort at the time of conversion of traffic to leads is also based on
how the leads translate into revenue for the business.


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