B2C Lead Generation

The Audience is the New Boss: Ideas for B2C Lead Generation

Business to Customer marketing fundamentally has two main players in the court. The business,
that is you and the customer. Generation of lead in B2C involves placement of maximum
importance on your customers or the audience. Value them, please them, and make them your
ultimate priority. In essence, they become the business’ boss.

The strategies built around generating leads in B2C succeed the most when they are tailored
according to the needs of the audience on the receiving end. Care must also be exercised to make
sure that these leads further generate desired sales for your business.

The funnel theory suggests the level on which your audience place in the funnel of your
business. Content can be generated and appropriate lead magnets can be placed according to the
needs of your audience. An A/B testing can further reveal what works best for a particular kind
of audience. Refined content according to the audience and a level-on optimization can ensure
that the intent of your audience is met, leading to successful conversions.

Content is an established king in the process of lead generation. Building the right kind of
content is most crucial when so much power lies with it; when so much is at its stake. Audience
buy content that is most interactive, content that helps them know more and do more, content
that they can connect with. “What does my audience want?” is a question that is answered right
under your nose. Open up that comments or feedback section, and build your content from there.
Keeping the engagement high while building an influencer relationship with the audience
becomes a key element.

Throwing challenges, puzzles, quizzes that provide titbits of that most trending news, an
unpopular fan theory for a popular TV show, or facts that can blow minds out of proportion will
play your best friend in lead generation. A catchy Call-For-Action button can be placed at the
end of the content to give your audience a gentle push in your direction.

We tend to hog stories. There’s no one to blame, for we are wired to love stories. Providing your
audience with stories that invoke emotions, and giving them content that they can or want to
relate to can go a long way in the process of conversion. Give them something that is core to
them, something raw and real to their ecosystems. Human interest stories are the best players in
this ground.

Businesses most often focus so much on selling their stories, content, and products or services.
They almost tend to forget that their audience has a lot to offer and share as well. In a B2C,
connecting with your audience on a personal level proves very helpful. Make your audience
believe that they are an important factor in your business. You can create a dialogue or seek out
for a conversation through social media platforms or a chatbox on your page. Brownie points if
you are highly responsive.

Place responsibility on your audience to share your content with their friends and families. Allow
sharing options on the content they receive, content like emails, newsletters, and blog posts. You
could take a step further and incentivize the affiliation they share with your business. For
instance, you could provide an extended or free period of subscription if your audience shares
your content by providing them with a personal referral code.

Taking into account everything we have discussed, you must also know that your audience likes
you being brave and experimental. Mix up your content and strategies. Be courageous to let your
audience in on your wilderness. Keep them on their toes!


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