Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing

Role of Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing

Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing, It’s 2019 and the world has come a long way in technology. Today, artificial intelligence has an effect on a lot of lives. In earlier days, people used to think that AI is something that only big companies would use but in reality, small companies also use AI. Rather it has become a necessity because of the enormous spread of artificial intelligence in every sector.

Artificial Intelligence is used to understand consumer preferences at micro level and deliver customized experiences.

What is AI?

In very basic terms, it is something where the machines are required to work on behalf of humans. They are built in such a way that they can think, work, assume, respond to tasks without the presence of humans.

It not only performs well on the information fed but also works on new information through experience and adjusting. This is made possible because of the algorithms.

There are so many reasons why companies demand higher AI. It helps in keeping the error to its minimum ad accuracy to its maximum. It completely rules out the error that might be done by humans. It analyses data and learns from it.

Let us see some examples where AI has been used efficiently in the past:

When you don’t feel like moving you fingers on your blue screen, “OK Google!” and “Hey! Siri” are there to help. It is amazing to see how fast can this technology be. You speak, they convert it to text.

Based on your past purchases and like and dislikes, Amazon suggests personal recommendations.

Even on Netflix, you are able to see the movies and series based on your preferred genre. It asks who “Pick top three” at the beginning and then also gets data of other people. If other person who has watched Sherlock is now watching Stranger Things, it will suggest me to watch Stranger Things.

There are so many other examples where AI is used precisely.

Therefore, it is important to implement AI in your business.

  • Chatbots – This is the biggest example of AI, the are like virtual assistant that are there to answer all of your questions. That little pop up window where it says “How may I help you?” when you visit a website is actually a gift from AI. It reduces human work and also decreases respond time.
  • Personalized product recommendations – As already stated earlier, it helps in increasing the sales. If there is something of my taste displaying under suggestions then there is a high chance that I will add that in my cart.
  • Targeted advertising – it is a waste of money and resources for the company to target people who eventually are going to do nothing about it. Here AI comes into play to curb this problem through its excellent skills in storing, analyzing and predicting data. AI is responsible for successful advertising campaigns by targeting the right audience.
  • Enhanced shopping experience – it is possible to shop online while in an offline store. You might have seen big podium like screens in retail shopping, it is actually very helpful. Think this as an example- you went to a store to buy a size 30 waist jeans but that size is not available, after trying size 28 and 32 jeans, you are sure that 30 will fit your waist. Don’t worry because now you can order from the offline store using their online store. To make this experience more enhanced, you can even try out clothes online. All you have to do is click your picture and select the cloth you want to try.

These are just a few things that have come up in the past. There is scope for more like self-driving cars and delivering food through drones. People and companies are still working on it and trying to make it as error free as possible.

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