Importance of social media marketing

Why is Social Media Marketing Important for any Business?

Social media marketing is becoming one of the most important aspects of promoting your business. It doesn’t matter if you are running a small business or the one that fetches you big billions, social media is an important step. In a world full of media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, increasing awareness about your brand is no passing trend.

What is the use of social media marketing? Simply put, it makes the customers know about the existence of a particular product or a service. Why do businesses market products? Because like any other organization they want to sell and earn profit, and selling will only be possible if customers know about it. But one thing that might come to people’s mind is that instead of marketing the products and services, why not social media market them?

All these companies like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra have not become successful overnight, it required a lot of hard work and a lot of effort. One thing that they did right was they started marketing their ecommerce website from the initial stage with the help of overgrowing social media.

Marketing at the initial stage is very important as since the website is new, products are new, marketing will help in initial attraction of customers and then there is a great probability that initial customers become loyal customers, what does the organization want more?

Before jumping to social media marketing, it is important that we know the basics of our organization.

Goals: They are the answers to the questions about what does the organization want to do in their near future, they also help in preparing the mission and vision statement for the organization.

Target audience: It will be a foolish thing to say that our product is for everyone, your product can never be for everyone, so it is important to understand what class of customers you want to sell to, this will help in the marketing strategies that will be adopted later.

Now it is very important to answer this question:

Is it worth to spend on social media marketing?

Yes, it is.

But first you need to follow a cyclic procedure that involves

Reach – Build awareness about your website through social media platforms.

Act – Now you may want to have an engagement between the awareness that you have created and your target audience.

Convert – Here you have to convert your potential customers of your first sale, this can be achieved through your website.

Engage – In this stage, your customers have already used your product and now it is important for you to keep your customers engaged with your brand so that they don’t jump to other brands.

There are a number of benefits of using social media as a platform for marketing:

  1. Cost-effective – Out of all the advertising and marketing campaigns, social media is the most cost=effective and stress-free and helps build brand awareness on a much larger scale.
  2. Customer engagement – It provides a place where engaging with customers becomes easy. No longer you need to face the customer physically.
  3. Healthier customer satisfaction – With the help of this, companies can create voice for themselves which ultimately leads to a better way of satisfying customers.
  4. Brand authority – It enables to make a better and powerful picture of the brand.

However, it is seen that social media marketing benefits more startups as compared to the organizations that have already been around for a while, but regularly working on it, employing professional media marketers and creating gripping and SEO friendly content will surely help increase customer base and improve profitability. It is safe to say that social media marketing is very important for any business and at any stage of development.

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